Workarounds and their power for finding Innovative Solutions

If you are anything like me, you see ways to make improvements wherever you go and wonder why something is the way it is…

As nurses and healthcare professionals we need to make improvements often through workarounds to get our work done.

In this piece, I describe those innovative behaviors through workarounds in the context of neonatal nurse environments.

Workarounds are clues that something could be done better, often at a system (and not individual) level. “Do you consider yourself to be an innovative nurse? The concept of innovation is frequently permeating conversations around the future of nursing. Many may hear the term innovation, and wonder “what does it really mean to me as a nurse?” and others may think “innovation does not really apply to me.” Yet, you may be surprised to learn that you are innovating in your role as a nurse every day in your work..”

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