About Our Team

Our mission is to provide nurses working in hospital settings with electronic tools that support their workflows in an efficient, safe, timely and patient-centered manner.

Tiffany Kelly, Founder

Tiffany Kelley Ph.D. MBA RN, Founder

Dr. Tiffany Kelley identified the need to start Nightingale Apps and create the initial product “Know My Patient®” while conducting her own research aimed at understanding how nurses use information to care for patients. She saw the current limitations within hospital settings to provide nurses with information at any location, especially while on-the-go. Kelley saw the potential for synergy between mobile devices and software applications to support nurses in knowing their patients within the context of their naturally occurring workflows.

Dr. Kelley has 14 years of nursing experience. She spent the last 9 years working in the field of nursing informatics. Her entry into informatics began while working on a team to implement an electronic health record at Boston Children’s Hospital. She received her Ph.D from Duke University where she studied the meaning of knowing the patient and the information needed for care. She also holds a MS in Nursing Administration and MBA from Northeastern University and a BS in Nursing from Georgetown University.

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