Every nurse needs to know his or her patient in order to provide individualized care. We at Nightingale Apps know the first step process of getting to know the patient starts during the first handoff, (sometimes called report), of the nurse’s shift. However, we also recognize that the information needed for care is most valued when easily accessible on-the-go while caring for multiple patients over the course of one’s shift. Thus, Know My Patient® offers workflow specific modules that allow for efficient use of information through a mobile device that can be kept in one’s pocket or jacket. Nightingale’s founder, Dr. Tiffany Kelley is passionate about helping nurses to know their patients. For more on her perspective you can read her recent publication, Information Needed to Support Knowing the Patient in Advances in Nursing Science.

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Offering nurses a supportive tool to ensure efficient access to patient information for timely, safe, and patient-centered care delivery throughout one’s day.