The Science of Nursing

This picture made my day yesterday. Members of my team sent this to me and thought I would like it. They were right. Science is real and so is the Science of Nursing.


Nurses were again ranked number 1 on the Gallup poll for honesty and ethical standards. Nurses have ranked 1st on this for the last 15 years (

Yesterday there was also news that the now current, acting Surgeon General is a nurse. Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams is a nurse who also has earned her doctorate (Ph.D.) degree.

I am hopeful that with Dr. Trent-Adams RN in this acting role, there will be more general insight and awareness of the science of nursing and nursing’s contributions to the health of individuals, families, groups, communities and populations.

In the meantime while we see what unfolds, each and every nurse can also work to support their nursing colleagues and communities by sharing their knowledge and value with others that can benefit.