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Nightingale’s Innovative Nurse (October): Dr. Shanina Knighton PhD RN

Meet Dr. Shanina Knighton: The Entrepreneur in Patient Hand Hygiene Describe your initial interest in patient hand hygiene?  As a student nurse during my clinical rotations I would often hear about the importance of healthcare worker hand hygiene, but with flu outbreaks such as Swine and H1N1 being an issue at the time I wondered… Read more

“The work of a nurse is endlessly inspiring…”

The work of a nurse is endlessly inspiring — to be able to combine knowledge and compassion in a way that advocates for patients is truly incredible! My above comment is related to this article Nurses on their career defining moments: ‘How could I do anything else?’ posted on: Dr. Tiffany Kelley RN on October 9th, 2017.

A School Nurse & Off Duty Nurse Make a Difference

This morning I’ll share two stories that have been in the news and continue to be in the theme of this weeks stories. I’ve provided the video stories as well as the associated media links. The first is of a school nurse who noticed a young boy’s coloring seemed out of the ordinary.  … Read more

I am a nurse (not ‘just’ a nurse).

Today I’d like to share a poem by Suzanne Gordon entitled ‘Just a Nurse’. Sometimes we (nurses) will hear this comment, ‘just a nurse’ over the course of our nursing careers. I know I’ve heard it and it has never felt great. When I have heard it, I tend to think about all the responsibilities I… Read more

“It’s a nurse.”

Yesterday I shared the story from a Critical Care Nurse on what it means to help the lives of others. Today, I want to share a video story that I came across several months ago entitled, ‘It’s a nurse.” I caught this video by way of social media and it is the voice of a… Read more