Know My Nurse Life!

Today there are many ways to communicate with our nursing peers. We have the ability to speak face-to-face and by phone. However, SMS messaging has become a popular form of communicating with over phone calls.

Over 81% of the adults in the United States own a smart phone today.  Over 95% of nurses own and use a smart phone each day. With  over 3.8 million nurses having access to a smart phone, it is not surprising that SMS messaging is a likely communication tool between nursing peers on and off of a work day. (All but 2% of those with a smart phone use SMS messaging on a regular basis).

A while back, I began to think about how much fun I had bonding with my nurse colleagues on every day aspects of being a nurse. Whether trying to put isolation gowns and gloves on without an issue or finding the scissors and tape when you need it to having the right shoes on for the long shifts, there was often some level of humor found that helped bond with each other.

However, trying to express this on SMS text messages could be made better. What if we had nursing related images that represented many of the things we as nurses needed over the course of our work day or shift? Things that represent that Nurse Life experience?

The standard emojis didn’t translate to healthcare or nursing. So, I got together with my team and said, “What if we made digital images or “stickers” that represented the day to day life of the nurse?

From there we got to working on Know My Nurse Life!

Know My Nurse Life is our iOS based SMS app that offers 20 different digital images that represent the nursing professional experience day to day. This app is available for consumer purchase in the Apple app store. A link to that app is found here: Know My Nurse Life 

Below several of the images are featured from our instagram page: @nightingaleapps

Tell us your favorite one by taking a screen shot and tagging us on Instagram or Facebook! We’d love to hear from you!


IMG_0407 IMG_0406

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!



Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN-BC

Founder & CEO

Nightingale Apps LLC