“I’ll be back in a few minutes..”

This is the truth… (I chuckled when I read it).

This reminded me of when I’d come back from the cafeteria around 3:30pm (having started at 7am) with something I grabbed to bring back and eat for lunch on the unit. The unit secretary would see me and tell me something like:

“Your patient in room 10 needs pain medicine, room 5 is due in radiology, room 8’s parent is on line 2 and you have new orders for room 1.” I would just look at her and think, ‘how are you keeping a straight face as you are telling me this news? (and I can’t do all 4 of those things at the same time?)’.

Nurses are a Blessing

Post originally appeared on Dr. Tiffany Kelley RN on November 28th, 2017