“How does being a female entrepreneur influence how you lead?”

“How does being a female entrepreneur influence how you lead? ~ from Saturday’s HealthTech Venture Conference focused on Female Entrepreneurship

I know why this question is often asked and why it is one to answer. Women receive less than 5% of investment dollars. (This isn’t because women aren’t participating in the entrepreneurial marketplace ). However, I hope we can get to a place where it becomes a question that doesn’t need to be asked. Perhaps instead we can dive deeper into other areas that first time entrepreneurs could benefit from knowing.

I’ve never thought that because I’m a female that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I realize this wasn’t always the case. Temporal factors do play a role if you look back in time.

I lead with principles that I’ve learned and appreciated through others who are men and women. Additionally, leadership books help with the thorough insights. Lastly, take note of what doesn’t feel right to you in other leaders (and don’t do that when you lead ).

One book I read a long time ago was The Leadership Challenge. The book was presented to me at a time when I needed to see strong leadership. I encourage anyone to read it. You may not have a leadership title but you are leading yourself and others everyday.

More answered questions to come from the conference. Feel free to ask any questions you might have here.