Happy Nurses Week!

Happy Nurses Week!

May 6th marks the start of Nurses Week that runs through May 12th each year! The American Nurses Association indicates that there are over 3 million registered nurses in the United States. This means we have that many people around us who have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others! That is a remarkable mission that deserves recognition.

Nurses play a fundamental role in advancing the health of individuals each day. Nurses go into this profession to heal and help others. Each one of us, as individuals, will need some form of health care service at some point in our lives. Our nurses are the lifeline to our health. In health care organizations, nurses are the health care professionals who are at our bedside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet, their nursing care does not stop at the bedside.

To paint the full picture, I’d like to share an excerpt of some words I spoke about the meaning of being a nurse….

“….what happens is that your profession as a nurse becomes part of who you are, your persona. You will be presented with situations that could benefit from your nursing knowledge and skills to help others. You will not always know when those situations will come but when they do, you will likely react instinctively and pitch in to help that individual, family, community or population in need.

Whether it is fielding a question from a friend about how much Tylenol to give her son that has a fever, advocating for a dying family member who is unable to advocate for his or herself, or simply listening to someone who is going through a difficult time. The possibilities are endless. Your nursing knowledge and skills can make an impact that will be memorable for you as well as that individual person or family.

Thus, as you move forward in your career as a nurse, what I would like for each of you to think about is the impact you will have not only in your professional life but also in those unexpected moments of your personal life when someone is in need of your care.

Regardless of where the need is located, your response to that need will not only benefit you as a nurse but also you as an individual. More importantly, the benefits will be far greater for those individuals, families, communities and populations who are on the receiving end of your efforts.” (See more at: https://nursing.duke.edu/news/tiffany-kelley-apply-your-nursing-knowledge-skills-day-day-pursuit-excellence#sthash.1rjHCKuX.dpuf )

Thus, This week we are celebrating nurses and the nursing profession! Each day during this week we will be showcasing a nurse on our blog who has been fundamental in advancing the nursing profession. We hope that you will be stimulated by the week and re-invigorated for what you do each day to help improve the lives of patients and families!

Best wishes,