Did you miss our #TweetChat today with Kareo?

Today I was invited to host a #TweetChat with Kareo to discuss hot topics that affect us all, nurses, providers, patients and families. We had a wonderful discussion and I’m happy to share the transcript here: https://storify.com/GoKareo/patient-information-flow-technology#publicize 

What I learned today is that we could have discussed each one of the questions in great length. There is a recognition that there are challenges that we face today in accessing and using information from the side or the health care professional and the side of the patient. By getting past the challenges and looking toward how to solve, we can begin to chip away at these challenges and solve these problems that affect us all.

It was wonderful to have hosted this #TweetChat today on the last day of Nurses Week!



Our profile on Florence Nightingale soon to follow!